Bringing Light to the Darkness of Human Trafficking (Trafficking in Persons)

Established in May 2013 and registered in 2016 Small Voice Human Trafficking’s mission is to empower people with TIP (Trafficking in persons) knowledge so that they will have the wisdom & understanding to prevent themselves and others from becoming victims; and to spot trafficking situations and report it.

Our Vision is to decrease the number of Trafficking Victims by empowering communities, organisations and the general public with knowledge about Human Trafficking.

Small Voice Human Trafficking’s main focus points:

  • Human Trafficking (TIP) Training, Workshops and Presentations (Develop, Guide, Facilitate & Present)
  • TIP Awareness & Prevention
  • Empower communities to prevent trafficking
  • Information Gathering on Traffickers for Liberty Shared
  • TIP Data Collection and Capturing
  • Partnering with TIP NGO’s
  • News Provider and National Freedom Network News Supplier
  • Developed & Present #BSMART Program (10-18yrs)

We offer TIP Workshops in to train individuals/groups on the following:

  • What is Human Trafficking / Trafficking in Persons (TIP)
         - Understanding the Definition;
         - How victims are exploited;
         - Control Mechanisms used by traffickers;
         - Traffickers;
         - Victims;
         - and more…
  • Red Flags/Signs that my indicate Human Trafficking
  • What to do if one suspects TIP (who to contact)
  • Safety Tips that one can follow to minimize the chance of becoming a victim of trafficking (also tips to keep children safe)

We currently train & equip communities in South Africa & Zambia.


National Freedom Network Partner | Tshwane Counter Trafficking Coalition (TCTC) Partner | Polaris Project Approved Organization in Global Directory | Freedom Collaborative Partner | Liberty Shared Partner