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In a letter to Netflix bosses, survivors of sex trafficking claim the company has 'double standards'


SURVIVORS of sex trafficking have slammed Netflix's new upcoming show 'Baby' - claiming the streaming giant is normalising child abuse.

"Baby", which goes into production this year, is inspired by a scandal in Rome where teenagers were said to have sold sex to buy designer clothes and mobile phones.

netflix teen sex scandel 1
It caused shock-waves across Italy when it was revealed teenage girls were being sold for sex, seen here in what is thought to be undercover cop pictures

In a letter to executives, the survivors accused Netflix of double standards for glamorising sexual exploitation, just weeks after dropping Kevin Spacey following allegations of sexual misconduct.

56 campaigners, social-services providers and survivors signed the letter, and wrote: "There are no 'baby prostitutes' - only sexually abused, exploited and raped children."

Executive Erik Barmack has previously dubbed the eight episode 'Baby' as representative of "edgy" programming, and Netflix has described it as a "fictional coming-of-age story" which will explore "the diverse experiences of Italian teenagers."

netflix teen sex scandel 2
The scandal took place in the upmarket district of Parioli in Rome

Netflix has come under fire for producing the new drama based on teen sex trafficking

But Lisa Thompson, Vice President of the US based National Centre on Sexual Exploitation, said: "Netflix recently fired Kevin Spacey ... To turn around and produce a show that glorifies the sex trafficking of minors and dub it 'edgy entertainment' is the height of hypocrisy."

The shocking scandal hit the headlines in 2015, and caused outrage across Italy.

It emerged that at least 50 men had paid for sex with two schoolgirls - including the husband of the granddaughter of Mussolini, who pleaded guilty to being a client.

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